Quick start guide to University Wi-FI configuration

Users of Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale Wi-Fi network can use Eduroam services (Education Roaming) using the following configuration parameters:

SSID name eduroam
Authentication WPA2
Encryption WPA2/AES
EAP Method / Phase 2 authentication PEAP/MSCHAPv2 oppure TTLS/PAP
Protocol 802.1X
Student credentials

username: [username_gomp]@unicas.it  (see point a) in common problems)

password: The password used to log into GOMP

P.T.A./Professors credentials

username: [id_servizi_online_CASI]@unicas.it (i.e. 1234567@unicas.it)

password: The password used to log into online services


Students and personnel without a password cannot log into the service.

Configuration parameters have to be set up only during the first connection. Subsequently (also at other networks of federated institutions) it is sufficient to connect to the Eduroam network.

Configuration examples:

1. Windows 7 english version
2. Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS english version
3. MAC OS X 10.10.1 english version
4. Android 4.0 english version
5. iOS 8.0 english version