Wi-Fi english version

Quick start guide to University Wi-FI configuration

Users of Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale Wi-Fi network can use Eduroam services (Education Roaming) using the following configuration parameters:

Furthermore, in the case of a recently enrolled student, it is highly recommended, in the event of connection problems, to change the password on the GOMP website, by logging into https://gomp.unicas.it and choosing a change of password.

Some users have reported an error message “Domain synchronization error” after a change of password on GOMP. In this case, you are advised to send an email to gomp@unicas.it describing the error along with your personal data. 

Configuration parameters have to be set up only during the first connection. Subsequently (also at other networks of federated institutions) it is sufficient to connect to the Eduroam network.

Configuration examples:

some devices with older operating system versions (i.e. Android 4.4) require that the phase 2 authentication type is explicitly mentioned. For example, the following figure provides a correct configuration example on an Android 6 system (Marshmallow).